making an impact


Since the founding of the Bon Secours mission nearly 200 years ago, compassionate end-of-life care, a hallmark of Bon Secours Richmond since 1982, remains a cornerstone of the ministry.

The mission continues through your donations to the Amy and Charles Millhiser Hospice Fund. Your generosity helps support the medical, practical and emotional needs of patients so that they may live the life they have left to the fullest, with dignity and in comfort. Your gifts have also created Richmond’s first freestanding community hospice house. The 16-room facility in Bon Air, on land donated by John C. Cullather and Anthony F. Markel, features private patient suites, common areas and gardens where families spend quality time with their loved ones.

Richmond’s first community hospice house, built entirely with philanthropic funds, provides compassionate end-of-life care to all.